María la Súper Ayudante/ María the Super helper

María la Súper Ayudante/ María the Super helper

Title of Book:  María la Súper Ayudante/ María the Super helper.

Title of Review Article:  Peace and Family.

Bibliographic Entry:  Mack. L M M. 2018.  Maríala Súper Ayudante/ María the Super helper.

This book is written by Luz M. Mack, a Dominican Children's Book Author. She enjoys writing poetry and storybooks inspired by her childhood experiences with her family growing up in the Dominican Republic.  

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She is a bilingual storyteller with a strong belief that stories matter! She say's, " my work stems from the love of helping children and families feel seen and understood by the magic of stories. I believe when you see yourself, you know that you belong anywhere and everywhere! It all started with me helping my daughter see herself, which led me to my purpose."

In this book, she highlights María and her family joyfully doing house chores, which was a household affair. The author shares that when she was teaching her children how to clean their rooms and keep the house tidy, it was something they were amazed to realize that they could do together. She told them that it doesn't have to feel like a task if you make it fun!

Animated Version of this book:

One day, she shared what she did as a child with her family to help her parents, and her children were immediately interested to learn more about it.  This story was inspired by that moment in time by the author, who said a picture book would illustrate her life beautifully. The author sees herself as the main character, María, and her siblings, the super helpers. In this book, you creatively see María and her siblings performing work from cleaning the home, washing dishes, and collecting wood, dancing and singing while cleaning the porch, and helping mommy wash clothes by hand. They also jump to the opportunity to feed the hens, chicks, and pigs and find it fun. In the end, the family congratulates themselves, saying they did it together and ending their day with a nice family hug.

This story teaches us the value of everyone in the household; no matter how small, they all learn that service starts at home and that everyone pulling in together can be fun even if all they are doing is cleaning the home!

Luz has highlighted the importance of family time. The writer has spotlighted her story's valid point of togetherness as a family even in this bilingual simple-to-read children's book. She shows a family that having a fun time as a family, doing work in creative ways, and caring for each other can make our lives calming and peaceful. This story shows us that hard work doesn't have to be a chore and the importance of teaching our children early to work together as a family!
Get this amazing book for your kids to learn about culture and language, and at the end of the book, it includes a coloring page and a paper doll which motivates creativity and fine mother skills. 

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