Santo & Sheepy

Santo & Sheepy

Title of Book: Santo & Sheepy
Title of Review: Best Friends
Bibliographic Entry: Mack, L.M. 3 February 2022. Santo and Sheepy.

This book is written by Luz M. Mack and her young son Tony Santo Mack who inspired the entire series based on her son's friendship with his stuffed toy sheep. Luz shared that during the pandemic, her husband bought a toy for their son Tony, and he started to make an imaginary story with his toy, which inspired her to write the first story, Santo & Sheepy.

Luz and her husband wanted to nourish her young's son's creativity by jotting notes while he played video games. Tony shared, " You know, dad, my new friend Sheepy does crazy things, but I am making sure I take care of him!" They laughed and found it entertaining to hear the things Sheepy was doing.  

This was the start of the most comical friendship between a young boy and his imaginary stuffy and the inspiration to start writing the first book!
Once the book was out, the family couldn't contain their excitement, and Tony shared his book at school with his friends. Many of his classmates and teachers found this adorable story so cute and congratulated Tony on becoming a storyteller.  

This one-of-a-kind story is funny, rhymes, and promotes literacy for all young readers. It includes activity sheets such as a maze, and a word find based on the story. Also, you find a QR Code that leads the audience to see the book animation and also can play with the IG filter.

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