Santo & Sheepy  ( Santo Goes to Summer Camp )

Santo & Sheepy ( Santo Goes to Summer Camp )

Title of Book: Santo & Sheepy

Title of Review: Best Friends

Bibliographic Entry: Mack, L.M. 17 February 2022.

Santo Goes to Summer Camp. This book is written by Luz M. Mack and her young son Tony Santo Mack. Luz shared that her son, Tony, missed school and friends during the Pandemic. Her husband had gifted him a stuffy, and he no longer felt alone. Tony shared all the trouble Sheepy would get into, and of course, Tony was a fantastic friend that took good care of him. When he attended summer camp during the Pandemic, he felt guilty leaving him at home, but it was always good to come home to his familiar friendly sheep when he returned.

This book is special because the main character makes new friends at summer camp, tries new experiences, and teaches his stuffed friend Sheepy that he will always be his best friend and the importance of giving friends space to build new friends.

This story shares a valuable lesson about the importance of having more than one friend and sharing! It promotes literacy for all young readers through a fun story. It includes activity sheets such as a maze and a word find, and it has a QR Code that leads the audience to see the book animation, and anyone can play with the IG filter.

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