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    This class broke down the fundamentals of writing a children's book and best practices. Luz is an excellent instructor and allows each participant to share and ask any questions. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning about children's books.

    -Angelena Castro

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    I recently completed the 6-week Children's Book Writing/ Publishing Workshop facilitated by Luz Mack. I only wish this were a longer series. Taking this workshop has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    Luz did a phenomenal job breaking down all the steps in writing a children's book. I looked forward to joining class each week and took copious notes on Luz's information. I enjoyed the breakdown of the different types of children's books - I didn't realize there was so much nuance among picture books. Luz broke down each type, giving us the exact criteria so that we fully understood each category to successfully write and publish our story. In addition, Luz led us through several writing exercises each week to stimulate our creativity. These exercises were very helpful in better understanding the concepts she was teaching and also getting us to think more like children and about topics that would interest children.

    After taking this class, I feel confident to complete my children's book project that I've been thinking about for the last few years. Luz's extra tips and resources were an incredible bonus, and I hope to take additional workshops from her in the future.

    -Tatiana Guzman

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    This is my second children's writing class with Luz, and I highly recommend her! She is an extremely knowledgeable and engaging writing teacher and keeps the class interactive, informative and fun.

    -Judy Fernandez Diaz

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    Ms. Mack was amazing, honest, and shared great information. I loved the class and hope to get to write my own.

    I liked that Ms. Mack was clear in explaining the does and don't to avoid the pitfall of a first time writer of a children's book.

    -Guelda Brown

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    Luz is an amazing teacher. She uses great material, provides us with resources, and gives real-life examples.

    This workshop is perfect for those of us who are just starting out and need to know how to get from an idea to a manuscript and beyond.

    -Lyn R. Grady