What does it mean when black people leave?

Typically, when a significant number of black people are leaving an organization/company, it is because the company is fostering racism within.

Racism in the workplace can include:

  • Promotion and salary inequities,
  • Toxicity in the workplace culture,
  • Lack of value or respect for cultural differences,
  • Deafness to social economical inequalities,
  • Microaggressions and more!
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Empowering Voices in the Workplace

Despite the rhetoric that suggests racism belongs to the past, we know that it is alive and well in the workplace. When Black individuals choose to leave, consider it a clarion call to action.

If you are ready to take a stand and be part of this movement for change, we invite you to contribute your story anonymously.

We welcome you to join this impactful project. Ensure that your narrative authentically reflects your personal experiences, whether you identify as a person of color, someone who may not visibly present as such, someone from a marginalized community, or any
combination thereof.

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