Guide to Planning Your Exclusive Author Visit

Timeline & Expectations

How far in advance should I book my author visit?

We advise that you request the date you are hoping to book your author visit at least a month (4 weeks) in advance.

This will allow Luz time to confirm the dates and time in her calendar, and for you to purchase supplies needed to accompany the visit.

How far in advance does my Book Bundle order need to be placed to arrive on time for this visit?

All book bundles should be ordered 3 weeks in advance from the date of your author visit. This will allow time for the package to be shipped to the accurate location and prepared for the students prior to the author arriving.

Budgeting & Costs

What costs are associated with this visit?

For Title I schools, there is a set price of $200 for virtual visits and $400 for in-person visits. For all other schools, prices may vary.

You will also want to purchase a book bundle for your classes based on what items you would like to offer your students, and what book(s) you would like read to the class during your visit.

All schools (including Title I schools) are required to complete a Request Form to book an author visit. Please allow up to five (5) business days for a response. Once your date is confirmed, you will be advised on what book bundle to purchsae for your classroom.

Preparation for Visit

At least two weeks prior to your event, you should begin finalizing all of the details surrounding the visit. This may include:

- Sending Luz the final schedule (including arrival/departure details for the visit, any travel or lodging information pertinent to the event, and details about what to expect on the day of the visit)

- Marketing/Publicizing the event in the school and/or community based on the details of participants

- Confirmation of receipt of your package that was shipped with supplies

- Securing the physical space that the visit will take place ensuring that there is adequate spacing for all involved

- Requesting a W9 from Luz so that the honorarium check is available on the day of the visit

Tips for the PERFECT Visit

Prepare the students for Luz's visit in advance! Inform them of the visit and what they can expect, and allow them to be excited to meet the author and engage with her during the visit.

Allow time for students to take pictures with Luz, or dress up as one of the characters from the book(s) that will be read that day!

Order Your Book Bundle

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