Picture Book Workshop

Picture Book Workshop

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Audience: Adults and Children ages 6-15

Location: NYC Locations or Virtual Duration: 2 ½ Hours 

Picture books tell visual text stories that capture everyday life and adventures and guide children to become more knowledgeable about the world around them. Students learn various picture books, from storyboarding to envisioning illustrations, working with illustrators, and editing their manuscripts. The workshop provides lots of hands-on information and resources. Students learned the importance of keeping the text simple and how illustrations drive the story. Learning everything from the exercises, you can create a story of 500 words or less. Incorporating sight words and loads of fun!

$10.00 per person for Materials (picture books, crayons, cardboard, watercolor, construction paper, scissors, glitter, and stickers), but organizers can choose to purchase their materials.

Cost $150.00 Per person (30 Max students in a group is $4,000)

Virtual: The class can be offered virtually, but it will not include materials, and the course duration is 2 hours at $1,500.00. The organizer is responsible for providing students with a list of the workshop's materials.

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