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Lalita's Prayer

Lalita's Prayer

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Young Ita is shy, timid, and very quiet.
She did not speak nor make a sound!
Mom and dad worried so much but
through prayer, discover they are blessed beyond words. 


Note from Luz:

I am grateful for the strong women in my life who constantly pray for me in every phase of my life.

I come from a religious home that taught me to take all my worries to the Lord. When I was little, my parents were concerned because I was a late talker! My parents’ story inspired this book, and similarly, when I became a mother to my son Tony, my husband and I worried when he was a late talker.

I dedicate this book to my aunt Angela ( Ita is her nickname) because she always prays over me. Although I am an adult with small children, she still sees me as a little girl she treasures. My mother, aunt, and my extended family's unshakable faith have always kept me grounded.


📚 Reading age: 2-10 years old

📚Language: English

✍🏼 Author: Luz M. Mack

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